'Eliminator' The best maintainable inline purification filter in the world. Ultralight 120 gms - Discrete-Effective - proven.

Clean tasting water purifiedand filtered on demand without effort from your standard mouthpiece.

Clean tasting water even if hydration reservoir pre dosed with purificationto keep it clean - Removes sediments contaminants bacteria and chemicals immediately. Use through bite mouthpiece and as a gravity feed device with no effort water delivery - 300 ml/min Water purified and filtered .

Dimensions 10x 6cms (Body) Weight 120 grams Easy to fit. Full instruction supplied.

Unit complete with tap flush primer and sediment removal wadding - Maintainable

Exceeds MoD spec tests for removal Anthrax, E- Coli, Cryptosporidia, giardia and viral disease causatives UK NLS Govt tests- up to 400 gallons. use

Auto shut off system shuts down when life expired

x2 systems available'Eliminator and ' 'Eliminator deluxe.' featuring NEW Quick connect /disconnect system.

Supplied to peacekeeping forces and Disaster Relief organisations

Fixes into inline of hydration system eg Camelbak. Discrete and robust housing -100% Watertight outer casing- Maintainable filter

Used by Special forces personnel


2008 NEW Inline micro purification and filter system.

Eliminator system. Includes housing above and proven internal micro purification filter. With primer bulb (supplied) can be operated from tap or as Gravity feed system or fromHydration reservoir.

Complete with barbed fittings to fit any hydration system. 400 Gallon- Up to 1660 litres purified filtered water delivery.

Immediately removes contaminants in water including E- Coli E faecalis Giardia,viral disease causatives ,Chemicals including water purification chemicals,metals, Herbicides and Pesticides.UK proven removal Government tests (NLS).

Filter removes purification chemicals and taste.'Fixed system'-supplied with barbed fixing and tap connector.



Very Limited stock left! Be quick


Same purification filter

Includes valved Non spill quick connect / disconnect system

Disconnect in 2.0 seconds. Rejoin inline tube - Brilliant-No Spill

Same proven micro purification filter system:

Removes disease causatives including viral disease causatives,Chemicals including chemical taste, herbicides ,pesticides, metals and sediments. System can be opened for mainatinence and includes foam pre sediment filter.

The ONLY fully proven UK MOD spec tested Inline purification filter systems in the world. NEW 2008

Proven purification filter - Exceeds UK MoD specification

Eliminator Deluxe with Valved non spill connect system

- guaranteed for life

Complete system showing filter removed and inline tube reconnected even if hydration bladder full without spilling.Re-useable.

Connector system can be used indefinately.

Proven purification micro filter 'All in one' £45.95 complete with valved quick connect disconnect system( x4 piece) as shown +spare connectors and Tap adaptor.

Full Eliminator deluxe kit £45.95

New 'All in one' MoD spec purification filter including re-useable Clip in kit. Supplied with additional barb fixings and tap adaptor. Used and supplied to Special Forces.

These are simply the best kit you can buy - The fixing kit can be used indefinately and is valved for non spill connection and removal.

Superb flow rate through bite tube or when used as gravity feed 300mls/minute.

Fixings and housings can be re-used. Supplied with fixed conector fit and New Quick fit/disconnect set.Used in Iraq and Afghanistan and saving lives.

Replacement micro purification filter £24.95


Replacement micro purification filter £24.95