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NEW 2008

Portable water filter systems

Ultralight unique filter system

Better than a jug filter delivers safe clean tasting water -wherever you are

Stream - River -Tap - Hotel

Use at home and overseas

How to use

Pour in water and pour out purified filtered water-immediately

Simple to use

Use and drink from immediately

Recycle-able water delivery systems for a cleaner planet

Save :Plastic manufacture/ landfill and transportation of bottled water

Bottled micro filtered water at pence not £'s

Auto shut off system when utility reached

What these do :

Micro purify and filter your water with ease - fit to drink. Immediately


Up to 400 gallons 1600 litres purified filtered water Clean natural SAFE and proven

The most thoroughly tested micro purification filter systems in the world

Tested and proven USA, UK Government, South Africa, Australia

Ultralight 80-180 gms including delivery system

Suitable for multi trip use - simply dry store.

Use again and again


Fast delivery with no pumping - Simple to use -Fill and use. 300 mls/minute


Technical features:

Proven to remove disease causatives including Anthrax, Cryptsporidium, E-Coli, E-Faecalis,Viral disease causatives, chemicals including chemically treated water, Trace metals including oxide taste, pesticides, fertilizers, benzenes and tri-halomethanes.

Some of these may or may not be found in untreated 'clean-looking' watercourses including sparkling mountain streams - Be sure with drinksafe-systems.

Peace of mind for less than a course of medicines or drinking purified chemically treated tasting water and all the associated bacteria, sediments and other chemicals. Our systems remove contaminants and improve taste.

For pence per litre save the discomfort suffered from drinking travel bug nasties from river, stream, hotel, cruise liner and hospital.

Cost- effective over post health effects and a course of travel medicines used to treat causative diseases from drinking contaminated water.

Made in USA by the world's leading micro filtration water specialists with over 35 years innovation and expertise.

Over 2 million systems sold around the world

Supplied to relief agencies including peacekeeping corps, Peacekeeping services, International Red Cross, Forces personnel, UNICEF, NGO's

and other disaster Relief Agencies.


95% saving on bottled water litre for litre from our systems can be relied upon to deliver safe clean tasting water -wherever you are

Where can you use our systems?

Anywhere there is non saline water

Suitable for travel, trekking ,walking, running , Disaster preparedness, survival, at home, Hospital

A years' 'Daily use' take taste and taint out of tapwater streams and watercourses.



Disaster Emergency Family waterbags with UK MoD spec inbuilt purification.

Military canteens with proven UK MoD spec in-built purification.

Inline hydration systems UK MoD spec in-built purification.

Bottle systems with UK MoD spec in-built purification.

Tapsafe - with inbuilt MoD spec tested purifcation filter.

Waterstraws with in-built purification.

Spare purification filters available.

Bottle delivery filter systems

Made in USA to ISO 9001

Tests at UK (NLS) Laboratories included live waterborne disease causative pathogens, chemicals, metals, Pcb's- Voc's, fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides.


Environment Agency (NLS) UK Government Tested on Seychelle filters to International ANSI EPA standards