30 ml 2.5% iodine tincture supplied in x2 dropper bottles

15ml Iodine in dropper bottle-Purifies up to 100 ltrs of water. Notably for waterborne viruses.We supply these withsome of our systems free, (not tapsafe or Aquagear survivor) or explorer canteen. Supplied in handy dropper bottles which makes dispensing very easy.Excellent long lasting.Apply 4 drops per 600ml water in questionable water areas. Drinksafe Filter systems will remove taste and presence of Iodine- which has to be a good thing! Dual use as iodine can be used to cleanse wounds About 80 Doses and so easy to apply in highly questionable water contamination areas.

Water will be purified of biological water contaminants.Reliable dosage method.£4.95

Iodine tincture+ dropper bottle £4.95




In this section you will find really useful travel products that compliment our lightweight portable drinking filtration systems.

H igh quality functional products- at great prices.

All have been tested by us and we highly recommend.Scroll down and simply add to your order. Build up your shopping cart- you can add or delete at any time. Purchase through Paypal Secure Online site.

This Months Freebie:FREE COOLSCARF RRP £6.95 with any complete order over £65.00.

We have a set order postage fee of just £3.65 no matter how many items you order.UK deliveries.

Order online through Paypal or print order form and enclose cheque or Postal Order: Order Form

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AZURE SECTION: Water Storage and hydrations sytems





Hot sellers: No battery Mobile phone charger with 4 LED Light /Multi length Stormcoat/Sterile medical kit/Pre treated mosquito nets/Worldband Radio/Insect bite relief device.



Aqua clear Steri Tabs

50 tablets Each treat 1 Lt water. Dose water allow 30 minutes contact time. Drinksafe filter will significantly remove taste of purification process. Which has to be an good thing for your stomach and cuts out tri halomethanes.£2.75



Chlorine Steri tabs £3.25


0.75 Lt aluminum storage bottle with dome flip top +pull out spout



Excellent water storage bottle.Well made. Robust.

Exceptional Value for money £3.25 ( Blue)

0.75 Litre Alumium storage bottle £3.25




Standard 1.5Lt Hydration kit with valve


Wide mouth opening for easy filling. Can be put in rucksack.Suitable for our inline dual use travel filter Excellent value £7.95


Standard 1.5Lt Hydration kit £7.95



2.0 Litre Hydration bag (Heavy duty)

Can be boiled microwaved or frozen.With valved anti spurt spout.

Suitable for use with our inline dual use water filter.

Very robust deluxe hydration bag Put in rucksac Complete with bite tube and valve £9.95 Great value

2.0 Litre Hydration bag £12.95



1.5 Lt Hydration rucksack-Highlander

With Airmesh back system and chest clip harness Complete wih 1.5 lt Hydration bag.Good value £11.95






1.5 Lt Hydration rucksack £11.95



Hydration + Day rucksack (4 Pockets) - by Highlander

Enough room for a days supplies of food and drink . Approx 4 Litres storage space + hydration system Includes 2.0 Lt hydration bag and bite tube. Airmesh back system.Multi compartments and 4 Zip pockets.We think these are simply unbeatable value and quality £18.95 Sold OUT



Hydration + Day rucksack £18.95

Waterproof Dry Sac -Tri Laminate

Keeps everything really dry -Fold down top and clips Tough Triple laminated pvc .

Complete with carry handle.

18 lt capacity 29x58cms £8.50

Dry Sac -Tri Laminate £8.50







Waterproof Pouches

A selection of very useful waterproof pouches. All have carry lanyard.

Useful for eg (Travel documents)

Small (eg: Folded Wallet ) 12x18 cm A6 £1.95.Medium 18x25 £2.25(eg:Compact camera) (A5) and large 27x34 (eg:Folded map/ Large camera )(A4) £2.75


Folded wallet/ ipod A6 £1.95


Compact Camera /Radio A5 £2.25

Large ... .

Camera /Folded Map A4 £2.75




Solar Shower -20 litre

Luxury essential !Enables x3 showers at a good temp after just a few hours in the sun Lightweight and durable - Highly recommended.

20 Litres With On off valve Stout carry handle and lanyard.£5.95


20 Lt Solar Shower £5.95




Drink from any standard PET bottle 33and 35 mm Caps included in this kit with bite tube

1 metre drink delivery tube caps Stay fast clips £8.95


Smartube £8.95


Insect Repellants and First Aid: We can cover you !


Nomad complete protection kit 'Bug Proof' Kit.

An extremely effective Dual system that covers every need.

Body and seperate clothing repellent kit: x2 100ml Pump sprays

Clothing spray contains permethrin.Body spray:50% DEET

Body and clothing kit £12.00

Nomad Body and clothing kit £8.75



Mosquito and Insect repellents- Head to toe protection


Jungle Formula

50% Deet Extra strength 10 hours repellency and waterproof

Approved by London School Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for use in Malarial areas 100ml dropper bottle £6.95


Jungle Formula £6.95



Nomad Travel Arm and Leg band Deet Kit

100ml includes x2 Ankle AND x2 wrist bands and a storage bag.

Great all round personal protection.Effective for up to many weeks of excellent protection £10.50


Nomad Travel Arm Leg band Deet Kit £11.50



Neem Oil India Tree-Deet Free- Reppellent for mosquitoes and midges

Lasts up to 5 hours 100ml bottle Easy pump spray application .Excellent natural alternative as non DEET offers a natural formulation £5.75


India Tree Natural Deet Free Repellant £6.75

Mosquito Midge /Insect Headnet

Excellent lightweight head kit -Pre treated with permethrin Effective protection. Can be worn under or over a brim hat too.Great price £3.75

Nomad Mosquito Midge /Insect Headnet (Pretreated) £3.75




Single Mosquito Net Treated- Nomad

Can be used as Wedge or Rectangle Treated with permetrhrin Recommended £19.75


Nomad Single Mosquito Net Treated £19.75




Nomad One shot Mosquito net treatment


50 ml Permethrin based. Lasts for weeks Insects and mosqitoes drop dead on contact.


Kit also contains bag for mosquito net to be treated in . Extraordinarily effective. £4.95



Nomad Mosquito net treatment £4.95


Nomad Pre-treated Mosquito Net Double


Double or can be used over two single beds.

Multi use over a double bed or x2 singles.

Use as a rectangle or wedge see single below or box as above.

Pre treated with Permethrin. Sleep soundly at night !

For complete protection we advise pre treated mosquito nets £22.95


Nomad Pretreated Mosquito Net Double £22.95



Bite+ nettle Relief


Just in case there has bee an unwelcome intercept via nettle, insect bite or sting! A small clicker button device -also relieves Mosquito bites -Stops itching and reduces swelling immediately.Piezo electric device uses no batteries Non Allergenic- SAFE FOR CHILDREN Medically approved LONG LIFE --3000 discharges. Also features lanyard attachment point.

Recommended £4.65

Bite relief Go Designs £4.65




First Aid :Two kits one vital if you are travelling Off ther beaten track ........

Maxi First Aid Kit


A good all round kit. Plentiful Lightweight and compact. Everything you might need for basic first aid. Consists of Red Zip bag with mesh see through pockets: x5 sterile dressings/x6 sterile wound dressings/12 assorted safety pins/1pair examination gloves/x8 Antisceptic cleaning wipes /x1 3m Micropore tape/ x1 Adhesive dressing strip /x2 White open weave bandages /x16 Paracetamol tablets / x10 Open weave wound dressings ,/x1 Crepe bandage / x1 Pr scissors ,/x1 15g tube Savlon cream, x10 Dumbell sutures/x1 Triangualar bandage/ x1 Pr tweezers/ x1 Isalaide resuscitator.Bag can be attached to waist belt.Recommended.£15.95

Maxi First Aid Kit £15.95

Sterile 'Off the Beaten Track 'kit by Nomad

World travel Sterile kit includes Sterile needles x4/IV Canular/ Micro pore tape/ antiseptic wipes and green Blue Orangeneedles and x3 syringes 10ml/5ml/2mlIn sterile sealed and resealable bag.With certificate for use in 4 languages.

Highly Recommended £8.50



Nomad Sterile 'Off the Beaten Track 'kit £8.50



Travel Essentials

The Cabin Bag GO Designs

Conforms to airline hand luggage requirements. Large Main Compartment and x3 handy outer pockets . Durable and well made.Shoulder strap and carry handle. Folds/rolls up away to compact size 35x34x24 cms.

Packed just 22x23x4cm £7.65



Airline approved foldaway Bag £12.95


Folding Day rucksack GO designs


Foldaway Backpack Makes a great Daysack or foldaway spare for those souvenirs. Main and outer compartment .Comfy padded straps and lifting strap. Very durable.27x38x9cm Folds/rolls up to compact size. £7.10




Folding Day rucksac £7.10



Earplugs GO Designs



Either for you or to share as you get x3 pairs . Reuseable Memory foam Supplied in travel case - Recommended especially when travelling with children, chickens and other wildlife £2.35




x6 Earplugs in case £2.35



Go Designs Samsung Digital tuning Worldband Radio

A powerful compact 6.5X11x2.5 cms Digital tuner display World 10 Band Radio.

Great for World Service -Worldwide FM/AM/8SW shortwave bands. Digital Display Tuner.3v aux power socket.Integral nightLight /Radio Linked Travel Alarm and Clock.Stereo Headphones/ incl Carry case/ 2"AA"Batteries supplied.Carry lanyard.Samsung intergrated circuit.When you are deep in the bush tune in to Bush House on theBBC World Service.

Top tip : Protect in our waterproof travel pouch( Medium).A great feature rich World receiver at an astonishing price £9.95 Highly Recommended.



GO Design Am/FM/SW/ World Band Radio £9.95


Go Designs Digi Link Padlock

Dual Use:Features 0.8 m wire safety line that can be used when necessary or taken away and the padlock used as normal . A first class padlock . Encased Solid Brass . Easy set personal number. £3.95


Go Padlock 4 digit combination £4.95


Safety Padlock 4 digit combination

Small 1.5m metre robust 3 Digi Number coded padlock .Can set own code.Lock things in place to: Luggage racks/ Tables/ In Hotel room etc £3.95


Padlock 4 digit combination £3.95


Mobile phone charger and LED No battery

An excellent hand winding mobile phone charger and LED Torch .Robust..

Turn handle for 1 minute for 5 minutes mobile phone use and 15 minutes Powerful LED torch 4 LED

One off our best sellers and highly recommended

Comes with all mobile phone adaptors


No Battery Mobile phone charger and 4LED torch£9.95



No Battery- Waterproof LED Torch

Clever robust torch Shake gently horizontally for just 60 seconds .

Powerful LED Light shines for 30 minutes . On/Off button.Waterproof.Large Size.




LED No Battery waterproof Torch £9.95





The Essential plug! GO Designs


You might believe the number of places you stay with a non fitting or at worst NO Plug. Go Designs Plugs the gap with this- One size fits all . Highly recommended. £2.55

Out of stock

GO Multi fit Plug £2.55


Antibacterial (No Water) Wash sanitising drops (Mint)

80% 0f all travel diseases are caused by waterborne contaminants or not washing thoroughly

Really handy 50ml bottle delivers anti germicidal hand protection without water. With Tricosan and vitamin E. Fast drying -Mint scent Over- 100 applications - Recommended £2.35


Mint Wash antibacterial drops £2.35


NEW! Cooling Neck scarves

x1 Free on orders over £65.00


Not £14.95 like some others! Just soak in water and apply neck band around neck. Immediately gives cooling effect to whole area.Last up to 3 days on one simple soak and use indefinitely!

Place in water for 2-20 minutes. Cooling gel crystals swell within cotton material. Wrap around neck or use as headband. Any whisper of wind will provide a sensational cooling effect! Reuseable for multi trip use.Brilliant for any travel and superb to use especially when under travel stress or duress!

Poly Cotton outer.Can be gently hand washed.

Providing cooling relief to neck, around head, feet, wrist or ankle. Also an essential first aid resource for relief of sprains. Includes smart zip carry case and instructions

Available in Desert Khaki, Lilac. Sky blue and Light Green (Please specify)

Use -Anywhere -Anytime £3.95 Highly recommended

NEW! Cooling Neck scarves £3.95 AMAZING VALUE




Lightweight Micro Wash Towel

Excellent Travel towel Dries exceptionally well and fast £7.95

Probably the only towel you need -exceptionally compact and effective.








GO Designs Lightweight Micro Wash Towel £7.95


World Travel Adaptor


Multi conversion for anywhere in the UK-world . Well made by Go Designs .

EEC Americas Australsia and Far East £4.75

GO Designs:World Travel adaptor £4.75





NEW! Go Design Twin EEC Travel socket Adaptor with Night light


Twin travel adaptor with orientation light . Soft glow Night light. £3.10


GO Designs NEW:Twin EEC Travel socket with integral nightlight

Suitable also for Russia, Morrocco ,Tunisia,Turkey,Indonesia, Brazil, Israel and India £3.10





Neck Travel wallet




Multix 3 zip 5 pocket travel wallet that has belt atachment too. For those handy travel items immediately brought to hand from inside shirt . Can store passport Notes and coinsand tickets seperately x1 mesh pocket. Neck lanyard. £4.95



Neck Multi pocket wallet and adjustable lanyard £4.95



Belt Bank-GO Designs

Belt Bank. Well made with integral Zip compartment. Extra long cash storage compartment. Twin concealed Zip. Very smart leather and cotton Unisex Fully adjustable 25-45"

(64-114 cms) Colour Black or Brown £9.95




GO Designs Adjustable concealed Belt Bank £9.95



Fully adjustable Waterproof Stormcoat -GO Designs


A great deal of design thought has gone into this jacket . It has EVERYTHING to cope with a torrential downpour from waterproof hood/Seal tight cuffs/ Button AND zip front. Converts from midlayer stormcoat to Long rider below knee storm coat . Waterproof and windproof . Lightweight & compact. You will not find better. Looks great too! £8.95


Med-Large Stormcoat Highly reccomended. £10.95




Mountaineer Trek Pole 3 Stage -Highlander


3 stage (Folds very compactly) twist open/lock /close. Features pro grip additional covering beneath ergonomic handle. Internal Spirng Anti shock. Carbide tip. 65-140 cm. 7075 Aluminum. With detachable snow wide basket and Rubber tip.

A first class trekking pole. Not a cheap imitation. £12.95

Highlander Mountaineer Trek Pole 3 Stage £12.95




10 piece Storage kit-Nomad


Really useful kit x1Spare bottle x3 Screw top botles with spray pump x1 cream screw top pot +x2 plastic zip storage wallets.£4.25


Nomad Storage Bottle Kit 10 piece £4.25




GO Designs Storage bottles:Pack & pour

Suntan creams/Favourite lotions/Tea Coffee sugar....

The choice is yours with this clever Design Go 4 in One compartments.Interlocking Non leak.

Transfer larger items into these screw top bottles that cleverly snap & stack together.£4.50

GO 4 in one Pack and pour £4.50



Sunagor Binoculars

These are very compact 8x21 magnification Sunagor Binoculars

Weigh 113 gms and have soft grip casing. Easy dioptre focus. Come with carry case and lanyard

Perfect small binoculars with great optics

Sunagor 113gm 8x21 Binoculars £12.95




GO Design LED Torch

Just in:Very stylish .Complete with useful nightlite.

3 Function Use as Torch / Reading lantern /nightlight(Red)

LED Torch light lasts for approx 100 times more than a conventional torch

Supplied with 2'AA batteries' £4.45

GO Design Handtorch with nightlight £6.45



Waterproof playing cards


Waterproof playing cards -Long play pack BRILLIANT!

Plastic for fast dealing in the wet

Extremely tough for many hands -Fast shuffle - Supplied in carry case

Play scuba diving -In the Ocean- in the pool or mountain monsoon without fear of papier mache £4.25


Waterproof playing cards and case £4.25

Anti Motion sickness bands-Accustrap


Working through acupuncture- Uses no chemicals.

Effectively helps take that queasy travel sickness feeling away-

-Use indefinately: Whether on land sea or sky £3.95




Anti Motion sickness bands £3.95