For survival, camping,expedition and Disaster/ Emergency:

Micro purification filter systems for immediate use.

Lifesaving Waterstraw 55 gms 23 X 3cms

Ultralight 'tapsafe' 90 gms13 X 8 cms

Ultralight Group Disaster Emergency water survival systems 300-400 gms 24 X 8 cms



Groundbase Family 100 day and 50 day

Unique over engineered waterbag: Can be filled on ground or placed full on ground-without spilling

Holds 7-9 kgs water- Place on ground without spilling- Integral sediment filters-

Fit in a Camelbak hydration rucksack


Forces personnel: Still drinking chlorinated water and the contaminants?


'Tastes like Volvic - unbelievable! ''We need these - These are Gucci in the soldiers eyes' 'Your systems are still going strong at over 400 gallons.'Serving soldier Camp Bastion September 2007



Any Questions? Contact us -We are here to help and can also design systems to suit your needs.

lightweight easy to use and proven

' technology within the filter '

Groundbase systems: NEW! From £39.95


Travelling solo, in a small group, on Expedition or a family unexpectedly caught in a disaster /emergency situation. Worldwide use.

Can be used from a tap, Waterbag (as shown) or even inserted in a hydration system


Groundbase Family 100 day ( 365 day individual supply) £57.95


Foam cover in core and Large foam cover for sediments- Groundbase 100

  Fast delivery rate of purified filtered water without taste - Removes contaminants including disease causatives. Immediate Use. Fill-Hang up- Draw water.

Kit includes very strong pleated 9.0 litre waterbag with stainless pre filter and maintainable x2 sediment foam filters. This system is suitable for extreme conditions - is over engineered and robust.

Main filter housing containing our new UK tested MoD specification featuring proven in-built purification system that removes viral disease causatives immediately. Waterbag can be filled and placed on ground without spilling. The micro filter is capable of producing up to 2055 litres - 450 Gallons water; Enough water for a family to survive for well over 100 days.

All tubing is anti- microbial too to prevent bio growth. A superb system. Purified filtered clean safe water. Delivery without effort at 300 mls per minute - Fill waterbag and let gravity feed begin - Simple robust and above all proven. Supplied to forces personnel and Aid Agencies. Complete with Carry bag, Hang lanyard, Stainless Pre filter (see picture above)and pull on / push inline valve.

Also can be run from a tap as a trickle system for delivery of purified filtered water immediately - Tap adaptor included

Supplied with x2 micro purification filters MoD Spec tested

Weighs 385 gms Pack dimension 24 cms x 8cms with storage bag

'Groundbase' Waterbag 100 Day family 365 Day individual

'Groundbase' Family 100 Day micro filtration system


'Groundbase' Family 100 Day (365+Day individual)- micro filtration purification system £57.95


'Groundbase' Family 50 Day. (6 month Individual use) 800-1600 litre

micro filtration purification system £39.95 each

Kit includes 9.0 litre pleated waterbag with basic pre foam pre filter. Main filter housing contains UK proven MoD spec tested purification filter that is proven to remove viral disease causatives immediately. All our filters remove disease causatives: E-coli, cryptosporidium, giardia. Additionally viral disease causatives. Chemicals in water including purification chemicals. Anti microbial delivery tubing and pop valve make this a superb lightweight system for instant purified filtered water without effort. Additional Anti viral kit in handy dropper bottle supplied too. Capable of producing up to 1600+ litres - 400+ Gallons water. Weighs 350 gms £39.95 Pack dimension 21cmsx10cms with storage bag.

Groundbase Family 50 Day (365 Day Individual) £39.95




Other proven systems using in-built purification:

'TapSAFE' £25.95 Special Offer RRP £21.95

Micro filter (Trickle feed )

NEW:Supplied in storage cup with screwtop sealable lid- Remove from container and use from immediately.

The smallest travel filter in the world. Extremely compact and handy tap filter (only 45gms) 12 cmsx 3.5cms

Place micro purification filter over the tap for a pressure stream feed of 300ml/60secs

Use: Any tap, Anywhere! For use when tap water is questionable -

Immediately removes bacteria disease causatives: Cryptosporidium and E-Coli Hotel tapwater taste and taint , including purified water taste

Now supplied in sealable watertight travel cup

Immediately UK Govt (NLS tests)

Immediately removes viral disease causatives by 99.999%

UK spec proven MoD tested (Exceeds)

Save a fortune over bottled water Pack dimension 12 cmsx4.0 cms Weighs 45 gms (80 gms with sealable cup supplied)


'Tapsafe' from outside or inside use and VERY cost effective

Weight 90 gms Pack dimension12 cmsx 4 cms Now supplied with housing and watertight container drink cup

Excellent for backpacking and staying in Guest Houses and hotels. Brilliant!

'Tapsafe' Normally £24.95 Offer £21.95

'Tapsafe' £21.95





The 'WaterStraw' 50 Day £24.95

50 gallons 200 Litres of purified filtered water- Desert Tan colour only.

In-built purification device

  • Up to 50-gallon filter life.
  • Contains Iodinated Resin (EPA Reg. # 71426) and other proprietary media.
  • Removes up to 99.99% of contaminants found in fresh water including Giardia, Cryptosporidium, E-Coli Bacteria and Virus. Delivers 50-100 mls minute - Separate plastic 'ziplock' waterbag included for easier use.
  • Attractive carrying case compartment for Chlorine tablets (EPA Reg. # 35917)
  • Ideal for everyday use and disaster preparedness
  • Ultra light and compact. Tan color see picture
  • Tested by Independent laboratories using EPA and ANSI protocols

  • Desert Tan.Complete in own carry case Steri Tab store and Chlor tab stirrer cage.For use in severe conditionsEasy to use especially useful in survival situations

Size 23 cms x 3 cms Weight incl carry case 55 Grams

'Waterstraw' 50 day individual £24.95

'Waterstraw' 50 day individual £24.95