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How to use and maintain

All systems can be used immediately but require flushing through for the 1st use only

All our systems can be used 'direct' on the move

Explorer CANTEEN : Fill -Screw on top and gently squeeze - Gentle constant pressure will deliver 300 mls /minute without effort- Immediate use. Replaceable filter.

Aquagear Survivor BOTTLE: Fills from bottom and gently squeeze - Gentle constant pressure will deliver 300 mls /minute without effort - Immediate Use. Fixed filter.

Eliminator INLINE HYDRATION : Fill hydration reservoir - Draw water easily on demand through bite mouthpiece, or use as gravity feed. Delivers water on demand 300mls/minute . Maintainable pre filter . Replaceable filter available.

WATER STRAW : Suck through device.Has inbuilt purification and post media filter and supplied with EPA purification tablets.100mls /minute. Fixed Filter .

'GROUNDBASE 'WATERBAG/ WATERBUCKET: Fill bucket and hang up- Open valve-Gravity feed- No effort 300 mls /minute - 1.5 gallon /10 minutes - Automatic Replaceable filters available.

'TAPSAFE'- Fit adaptor to tap .Turn on slowly Trickle feed purified water 300mls/minute Replaceable filters available.

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A Drinksafe system- with cover removed,containing turbid water - Delivering clean tasting safe drinking water



User guidance

Turbid Water

Avoid turbid eg :muddy water if possible. Always try and use clearest possible water. If water cloudy best practice is to let settle and decant into a seperate container. Any filters' life expectancy and efficacy is compromised where clearest water is not utilised. 2 micron pore size will clog on outside first. Only filter water with these systems. Membrane systems fair particularly badly. We do not use membrane technology.


Clean outside filter unit with a very light scrub. Spare toothbrush or ideally a micro cloth.To maintain the efficacy of these systems, simply wash under a potable water tap-this will clear outside of filter.Occasional light brush is all that is needed on the exterior of the filter.

Replacement time

When filter hard to draw water. Dependant on water turbidity and quality. Filter micron size deminishes with use. Recommended use up to 100 gallons water + Tested up to 400 gallons in USA.

Filter Storage

Flush with chlorinated or iodinated solution occasionally - Dry naturally - Dry store all components. That's it!

All filters contain silver that acts as anti-microbial growth anti- bacteriastat.

Water quality is a highly complex topic.

All water contains contaminants- some are harmful to humans and some are not - even bottled branded water contains nitrates, magnesium, calcium, sulphates and sodium.

Some are able to cause disease affects within some humans and not in others - based on immune systems varying from individual to individuals.Eg E-coli, Cryptosporidium, Waterborne viral disease causatives.

If in doubt good practice dicates addition of further disinfection to water and water reservoirs; Commonly with Steri Chlor( Redi chlor) chlorine tablet or Iodine following instructional guidelines. These filter are specifically designed to remove or reduce these chemicals to a level acceptable to supply potable safe drinking water without taste or taint.