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Some technical stuff

The ONLY proven and tested portable water delivery systems

that reduce/remove all contaminants in water immediately.

The ABCD's of water contaminants :

DrinkSAFE-systems tm uses Seychelle SET Environmental Technologies patented ionic adsorption "Micro Filtration" process.

SET Technologies are the world leaders in the field of water purification and micro-filtration systems

What is the difference between purification and filtration?

Purification: The killing or neutralizing of microbiological organisms and pathogens (Travel Bug Nasties), such as Cryptosporidium and giardia and includes small disease carrying viral causatives in water supplies.

Normally achieved in portable delivery systems by the addition of iodine tincture or chlorine.This can be in a dissolved form, (iodine), or added as powder, (crushed part of (chlorine tablet), to dissolve when shaken or utilises an in-built purification system.


Filtration: The filtering of water to significantly remove or reduce the colour and taste of bad water, water debris, pathogens such as E-coli, cryptosporidium, giardia and organic material.

Includes chemicals, pesticides , herbicides etc and inorganic's such as heavy metals. All drinksafe-systems delivery systems incorporate patented micro filtration. The micro filter will remove the taste and taint of any purification such as chlorine or iodine and travel bug nasties giardia and crytosporidium. The 2 micron pore size inhibits their passage in all our systems.

Water is one of the best transporters of contaminants

In 1 ml of water there can be over 1 million bacteria , chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides

A Higland stream or mountain river often contains pathogens from animals and upstream human activity

Even the cleanest water should be treated as suspect and can harbour E-Coli and cryptosporidium

Our systems are proven to remove threat when used according to instructions


-over 2 million systems in worldwide use!

What makes these the best personal filtration and purification systems in the world?


Knowledge and application:

With 35 years of continual research and development in water treatment systems including membrane technology systems, reverse osmosis (the first ever domestic systems in the world), and world leading Ultra filtration and ozonation technology.Seychelle use the best most tried and tested applications in the world, protected under SET patents.

Seychelle SET Filter System:

Patented Ionic Micro filtration utilises absolute 2 micron pore size.......not everyone does!

Patented Filters - The heart of your system. The high tech filter contains thousands of omni-directional interconnected pores. The UNIQUE structure of these pores cannot be duplicated by any other material. Each filters' special construction means that water cannot pass directly through and has to take a longer path,called "tortuous path" technology.

Your filter has specially sourced material that cannot be duplicated artificially to produce an absolute pore size of 2 microns that most pathogens and debris just cannot pass through.Some other systems do not use absolute pore size but have nominal porosity that can range from 2 micron to 200. micron - Insist on ABSOLUTE porosity.

All filters impregnated with silver prevents bio-cide build up

Keep your filter clean and use absorption and adsorption technology. All filters also contain silver that acts as an anti-bacteriastat within each filter which helps keep the filter free of micro-organisms.


Easy to use: quality water delivery from lightweight systems.

All filters contain silver and are manufactured to medical grade standard.Conform to ISO 2001.Dependant on the water system used, water is easily purified and then filtered simply by the gentle constant pressure applied by hands squeezing a bottle , sucking on a delivery tube or allowing water pressure from a tap through the filter system. No pumps, no pipes- less weight to lug around, and you can drink on the move.


Enormous proven volume : Deliver Gallons. up to 1600 litres

These systems will deliver 100 gallons (Over 800 litres-1600 litres)) of quality water filtered or purified and filtered dependant on water quality and turbidity.Tested up to 400 gallons

The most laboratory and field tested products in the world. The finer technical blurb.

In the manufacturing process specific ionic surface attractants and other absorbing matter are added. These attract contaminants. Removal of contaminants using special carbon is known as adsorption resulting from the molecular attraction of substances to the surface of the carbon.

The rate of adsorption is determined by the quality of the carbon and the volume of carbon used. The flow rate of the filter has been calculated to yield the the greatest volume removal of toxic chemicals. The base material used is the best media for absorption of contaminants enabling up to 400 gallons of water can be passed through these. The result of this patented technology is that more water can be passed through the filter than almost any other system on the market. A paper bag is a filter but the crucial question is how effective will it be at say 2.0 litres of water pass through. Your filter system has been tested up to 400 gallons. Dependant on contaminants there is a fall off with chemical retention, however cysts and spores will always be excluded - The more the filter is used the greater the reduction of these bacteria.

Most filters are tested with 1.0 litre of contaminant. Insist on asking for test results. Test results are published here and on www.seychelle.com. These filters have been tested around the world up to 400 gallons including exceeding UK MoD (Ministry of Defense) specification. Tested to international EPA standards the world over including tests by the London School of hygiene and tropical medicine (October 2000).Pasteur Institute, SABS - South Africa and UK Dept Environment - National Laboratory Service.

RECENT TESTING TO EXCEED UK MoD SPECIFICATION. The most thorough tests on any micro portable purification and filtration system in the world.

Our systems have also been tested for removal/ devitalization of disease carrying water causatives when appropriate biocide used to reductions of 99.99986%. These causatives exist as bacteria cysts and virus - Our recent UK tests 'All in One' systems remove up to 99.999% causatives when no pre biocide applied - Tests on 'All in One' filter and purification system 2005. Conducted to meet and exceed UK MoD specification (UK Govt NLS National Laboratory Services). Over 150 seperate tests for removal reductions of chemicals, Voc's, PCB's, Metals, in all suites including disease carrying waterborne causatives Microbiologicals - (Live Micro organism tests), Turbidity and suspended solids.

These systems with in-built purification use special formulas and medias that reduce/ kill disease carrying causastives found in water sources. Positive anions attract and devitalize passing disease carrying causatives using our specially developed iodinated resin process. Post carbon filters and media remove chemicals and proven to retain to UK MoD specification. All our filter systems will also take out / reduce chemicals Organics, Inorganics and cysts (Cryptosporidium) and giardia and E-coli WITHOUT additional purification biocide. Over 60 MILLION E-Coli were put through standard filters and in UK MoD specification tests proven that not one got through the system to cause harm to the user.

About Travel Bug nasties Giardia and Cryptosporidium - Why these cannot get through your system

Travel bug nasties Giardia have a micron size of 7 microns and cryptosoridium 5-7 microns. Our filters have an absolute porosity micron size of just 2 microns. Under operational conditions a delivery system works at many PSI to deliver filtered clean water. These micro-organisms simply will not get through. It takes many PSI of pressure,(more than the pressure in a car tyre), to elongate them, and even then they will be stuck on the edge of the filter. Silver in all filters helps devitalize these. For these causatives filters improve with use as the micron size gets smaller not larger!

Virtually maintenance free:

To maintain the efficacy of these systems, simply fix to a tap to create a blow back and this will clear outside of filter and an occasional light brush is all that is needed on the exterior of the filter. We reccomend a cleaning cloth.


Safe filtered water - Drink on the move-anywhere!

+ := Contaminated water -(Bottle insulator cover removed) delivering clean tasting purified and filtered uncontaminated water -immediately without effort.